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Bird feeders and baths are a great way to enjoy the birds, but we must be sure not to cause harm.   Location and cleaning are very important. 

Location:  Both feeders and baths should be placed within 91cm (3 ft) of your house’s windows OR more than 9 metres (30 ft) away,  to avoid window strikes.  Both need to be close to shelter so birds can fly for cover if a hawk arrives, but not too close, allowing a cat to hide and attack a feeding or bathing bird. 

Cleanliness:  Bird feeders and baths, must be kept clean.  The presence of bacteria, mold and disease can kill birds.  The area under feeders and baths should be kept clean for the same reason and also to not attract rodents, like mice and rats.


Cleaning:  clean at least once a month

Wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with debris.


Feeders (seed type), for nectar feeders see  

-clean at least once a month or when they appear soiled. 

-knock out any clogged seed or debris, using a brush, take apart if necessary

- put all the parts of your feeder into a large plastic container, with mild      unscented soap and water and let them soak for about 30 minutes.

. scrub parts with a brush and re-soak in a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution  for about  30 minutes

-rinse thoroughly with water

-remove parts and allow to dry completely

-dump water and refill daily

Cleaning (Wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with debris.)

-dump water

-Use a solution of 50/50 white vinegar and water, add it to the bath and scrub it thoroughly.

-dump solution, add more and let sit 30 minutes, covering to be sure birds don’t land in it.


-rinse thoroughly with running water

-leave empty and allow to dry

-refill with clean water


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